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Morale Patches--April 2017

What's Hot?

Among the hottest patches in the industry right now include anything to do with John Wick. Smoky Mountain Patch and Supply (SMPAS) recently commissioned Tactical Gent to create an extremely limited edition (only 55 made) patch featuring the Wick silhouette with his dog. Affectionately known as the Wick/Pup, it is one of the most limited and desired patches not currently on the market. It is only distributed via Giveaways (GAWs) and the number of ISO posts rises daily. In other Wick news, Tactical Gent released their own version entitled "Mr. Wick" which was limited to 300 and sold out in a few minutes. Given the number of Wick related patches already released and those on the way, there is always a risk of the market being saturated. Time will tell as collectors and flippers abound in search of the man who "...killed three guys with a pencil. A pencil."

One iconic franchise seems to have gained new life for its impending 3rd Anniversary. THE is releasing a Golden Bad Apple patch using the same Snow White template. The recent drop has spurred sales and ISOs of older Bad Apple patches as newer collectors scramble to gather complete sets. Regular issue Bad Apples are trading in the $40-75 range depending upon the variation. The Tique Bad Apple is trading in the $200s.

Anything Workshop 432 and Rydex is trading strongly. Newer collectors are posting numerous ISOs to shake loose older editions of the Bad Ass Mother series such as Dutch and Quint. The Rydex ice cream cone continues to garner many ISOs.



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